Fat Loss and Facials

Check out our new hydro jelly masks- specially blended for your skin type and issues!



The results of a lower facelift WITHOUT THE SURGERY

Instantaneous Non-Invasive Laser/Ultrasound Treatment for Skin Tightening, Cheek Contouring, Double Chin Reduction, Neck and Jowl Lift

 First 20 clients to sign up get a 30% discount!

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Fat Loss Laser

Non-Invasive Fat Loss Laser 

Thirty Minute Sessions with immediate fat loss

Infra-Red Sauna

Healing and Soothing cocoon of  heat with the infra-red technology


Thirty minute Hydro Spa Facials with additional masks and therapies


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100 rialto place, 7th floor

melbourne fl

across from melbourne high school


Hydro Jelly Masks


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