Fat Loss Laser

Non-Invasive Fat Loss Laser- 

Thirty Minute Sessions with the laser and ten minutes  on the vibrational plate.  Loss of inches in every session.

Special Packages Available

2 Sessions $200

4 Sessions  350

8 Sessions  675

Cupping/Biorhythmic drainage

The Biorthymic Drainer machine mechanically and painlessly produces the gentle movements of a manual massage to produce an energetic elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system and  to balance vital energy and skin conditions.  This is combined with Chromatherapy  to utilize the energy and colors of many frequency ranges of light. 

High Frequency Ultrasound

For the Face and Body

Used to target the layers of the skin just below the surface.

Benefits: Lifting, Body Contouring, Skin tightening and smoothing,  Improvement of skin elasticity, Cellulite Elimination, Collagen Production




RADiofrequency to tighten the face and increase collagen 
led light  for additional tightening 

Strawberry lift for chin and lower face

A non-invasive, painless laser and ultrasound procedure to reduce fat in the chin and firm up the neck and lower face


30, 50 and 75 Minute HydroSpa Facials with Jelly Masks

 CBD Facials


Pure Oxygen Facials

Ultimate Pure Oxygen Facials- Hydrospa facial plus Oxygen Facial

ChromaLift Facial with Lymphativ Drainage

Chinese Medicine Quantum Energetic Five Clay Mask Facial


European Facials

Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Anti Aging Facials

LED Light Therapy 

Teen Facials

Fat Loss Belly and Butt Boot Camp!


Infra-Red Sauna

Healing and Soothing cocoon of  heat with the infra-red technology